The Milton Fire Department has a wide variety of firefighting apparatus and other support vehicles with which to serve the community.

Fire Station 1:

Station 1

Fire Station 2:

Station 2

Fire Station 3:

Station 3

Fire Station 4:

Station 4

General Fleet Information

  • Each of the four fire stations is equipped with at least one pumper, one tanker and one rescue vehicle.
  • The pumper serves as the basic response vehicle for most emergency incidents. It carries hose, a minimal supply of water, tools and equipment, plus enclosed cabs which house at least four firefighters.
  • Tankers serve as water shuttles in the outlying, rural areas that are not served by municipal water supply and hydrants. Tankers can carry 2,000 gallons of water or more, and also have a pump on board to allow for minor fire extinguishment such as vehicle fires and grass fires.
  • Rescue vehicles carry specialized equipment such as ice/water rescue tools, high angle rescue gear for calls on the neighbouring escarpment and in confined spaces.
  • Station 1 also houses our largest vehicle, Aerial 16 which has a 100 ft aerial ladder with bucket, able to reach high stories in taller structures for extinguishment or patient rescue.
  • Other vehicles include support vans and pickup trucks, administration cars used by the chief and deputies, and an off-road vehicle used at grass fire and rural incidents.