Response Area

The Milton Fire Department protects a population in the urban and rural areas of approximately 100,000 residents, defending an area of approximately 373 sq. kms.  It operates from four fire stations, three in the urban area and one in the rural area. 

Providing timely fire protection services of the far reaches in our community can be challenging and so in some areas the initial response for emergencies is provided by neighbouring Fire Departments.

Fire protection agreements (contracts between municipalities that outline the terms and conditions of the service agreemen), define responsibilities, resources and associated costs.  An automatic aid agreement generally specifies a fee for service and is meant to augment one department's resources on an as-needed basis.  In terms of level of service, the responding Fire Department is an extension of the municipality purchasing the service.  Fire protection agreements are in place with Halton Hills, Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville. 

These agreements have been implemented to ensure that everyone, regardless of geographic or municipal boundaries, receives the fastest response possible in the time of a fire emergency.

Dialing 9 -1-1

The "Enhanced 9-1-1" system that services our community has been programmed to automatically route your call to the appropriate fire services based on your address, and while cellular telephones do not provide access in the same manner, a call from your home or business telephone will be automatically routed to the Fire Department that services your particular area.