Activity Reports

Quarterly Fire Department Activity Report

Quarterly activity reports are submitted as a means to keep Council informed about Fire Department related activities and initiatives within the community.

The report appendix provides a summary of year-to-date statistics as well as information relative to all departmental "Divisional" activities (Emergency Operations, Fire Prevention, Training & Staff Development and Support Services) for the quarter.

The appendix further includes charts that illustrate the breakdown of responses by type, response locations and a response time summary (i.e. first apparatus on scene time average, OFM 10/10 response time average as calculable/available, etc.).

Relationship to the Strategic Plan

The activities of the Fire Department support the Destiny Milton 2 goal of providing "A responsible, cost effective and accountable local government", by embracing the concept of 'service excellence' in service delivery and the Destiny Milton 2 goal of creating "A safe, liveable and healthy community" through ongoing community participation and effective emergency response.