Master Fire Plan

The Town of Milton's strategic plan Destiny Milton 2 (DM2) provides a vision, goals and directions to guide municipal decision-making for the coming years.  

The Master Planis used as a long range planning tool to guide annual department priorities and objectives that will rationalize the recommendations made in the Destiny Milton 2 Strategic Plan.

The general objectives include: 

  • completing of an assessment of current projects and initiatives in progress
  • reviewing current services delivered and delivery methods
  • developing evaluation tools to evaluate and assess service delivery
  • providing recommendations to meet any new needs or possible future service requests

To prioritize the goals and objectives identified in the department service master plan, the Departmental Implementation Program was developed by the Senior Management Team. The Departmental Implementation Program will be reviewed on an annual basis to plan and prepare for the department's goals, human resources, budgets and performance planning.



The Fire Department Service Master plan will provide the basis for the Town moving forward in the implementation of Destiny Milton 2. The priorities identified within the Implementation Plan will provide Council with an overall framework to consider strategic decisions relating to budgeting, capital works, programming, service levels and human resources.