Green Light Awareness

Do you know what it means if you see a car with a flashing green light in its window? The flashing green lights they see in the front window of cars means that those drivers are part-time firefighters on their way to an emergency. If you see a car with a flashing green light, please be courteous and yield the right of way.

Yield to the Green Light

The Milton Fire Department has 70 part-time firefighters. When an emergency occurs, part-time firefighters are paged. They respond immediately by activating the flashing green lights on their personal vehicles and driving to their designated fire station as quickly and safely as possible.

Since there are typically only four to 10 full-time firefighters on duty at all times on rotating shifts, the Milton Fire Department relies a great deal on part-time firefighters.

Green Light Awareness Week

Watch for the Annual Green Light Awareness Week in Milton, which usually takes place the third week in January. During this week, dedicated firefighters will be available with more information at various locations around town.